Help us spread the word about our boutique and get rewarded, Our program is free to join and easy to sign up. As our brand ambassador, you will generate traffic and sales for our boutique and receive attractive gifts in return.


What is a Brand Ambassador? 

Brand ambassador is someone that embody Symone Kelly Boutique and help us to market and promote our business on their social media outlet. Ambassadors are required to @symonekellyboutique and #symonekellyboutique on all Instagram post. 


Embody Symone Kelly Boutique brand 
No negativity on your Instagram 
Minimum 2K followers 
Profile must be public 
Ability to create catchy content 

Get 25% OFF all items you purchase to promote, plus free shipping

Get 15% discount code for your followers 

Receive FREE gifts and extra perks 

Our goal is to fine a team of genuine ladies to collaborate with, who shares a passion for fashion as well as provide quality content for their followers and subscribers. While we would love to work with everyone, we must be selective with individuals who are chosen, this is to ensure that a quality team is established.  

Click BRAND AMBASSADOR link below to apply an become a Symone Kelly Boutique brand ambassador!